“Baptism is to be understood not merely as a rite of a moment but as the principle of a lifetime.” (APB: 361)

Welcome!   We are glad you have enquired about Baptism.   It is a pivotal way of welcoming new life into a way of being based on the faith, love and hope which is at the centre of Christianity.

At St Luke’s there are opportunities for the Baptism of babies, children and adults.   These occur four times a year within the rhythm of regular Sunday worship.   It is a privilege and blessing for the congregation to be part of the welcome and witness of each baptism.

In addition, in order for Baptism to be the essence it represents in our faith walk, we offer a supporting course.   This is for parents of babies and children to know the sanctity of God’s invitation and to assure that the vows said at Baptism carry both meaning and intention.  The course is enlightening, relevant, transforming and faithful to the roots of Baptism.  There are 6 sessions enabling a fresh and deeper understanding of what it is to “step into the love of God”.   Sincerity and commitment precede the process on the part of all involved, so it is preferable to attend all the sessions.   With the availability of two or three courses a year, it is possible to make up sessions.

Please know, if you are not ready to make this commitment, you are welcome to consider a service of thanks giving for the birth of a child.   This can occur within a service, after a service or in the home environment.

“I will not forget you!” says the Lord

See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands…”( Isaiah 49: 15-16)

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