Month: April 2020

Knowing God as my Father

“I will be a Father to you and you will be my sons and daughters,” says the Lord Almighty2 Cor 6:18 In the mid 70s  during a Life In The Spirit seminar at St Luke’s,  I had a revelation of God as my Saviour and my Lord.  Since then my relationship with Him has grown… Read more »

Letter from Sue #2: What is this discomfort I am feeling?

I am hearing from a number of my clients, friends, family and colleagues about a cluster of feelings that we may all be manifesting in different ways.  There is a real sense of loss at this time – loss of our own movement, loss for the world as we knew it, loss for the ease… Read more »

Running with Horses – Eric’s testimony part 3

Before my Advent Retreat ended in December 2019 God led me to examine a colloquy between Him and the prophet Jeremiah. It proved to be an enriching experience. He complained to God, for example, about God’s seeming failure to bring about justice in Judah. He asked Him why the wicked prospered while the land was… Read more »

Conversing with God – Eric’s testimony Part 2

Arriving at La Verna Retreat Centre on the Vaal River on the afternoon of 28 November 2019 to attend a silent retreat I imagined myself as this weary and thirsty desert traveller who was about to plunge into a cool spring which would soothe his aching muscles and quench his thirst. The accommodation was comfortable… Read more »

Letter from Sue #1: Coping with Corona Lockdown

We all need to be congratulated – we have made it to Day 6 of Lockdown. How surreal and strange this still all feels at times. I am thinking that by now that feeling of “Well, that was a nice long relaxing weekend” has begun to pale and we are all wishing we could “get… Read more »