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A personal story of how God has made a difference

Running with Horses – Eric’s testimony part 3

Before my Advent Retreat ended in December 2019 God led me to examine a colloquy between Him and the prophet Jeremiah. It proved to be an enriching experience. He complained to God, for example, about God’s seeming failure to bring about justice in Judah. He asked Him why the wicked prospered while the land was… Read more »

Conversing with God – Eric’s testimony Part 2

Arriving at La Verna Retreat Centre on the Vaal River on the afternoon of 28 November 2019 to attend a silent retreat I imagined myself as this weary and thirsty desert traveller who was about to plunge into a cool spring which would soothe his aching muscles and quench his thirst. The accommodation was comfortable… Read more »

Unstopping the Wells – Eric’s testimony part 1

Sport played an important part in my development. When I was at school, I spent most afternoons either playing rugby, soccer, cricket, running or swimming. Physical fitness was a natural outcome of my lifestyle. When I became a schoolteacher in 1980 I focused on training the minds and bodies of teenagers and any spare time… Read more »