Testimony: Jesus / Holy Spirit who walks with us ALL THE TIME.

Last week Saturday, after visiting a friend for lunch, I headed home.  After travelling about 1 km, I broke down.  I thought perhaps I had run out of petrol, even though my gauge showed that I had a quarter of a tank.

I was forced to pull over to the side of the road. I got out of my car and was in the process of phoning my friend, as I had no money on me, but was close to a garage.  A lady, driving in the opposite direction, drove across the road and asked me if I had a problem.  I told her that I had just run out of petrol and that I had come out without any money. She offered to take me to the garage and said she would buy some petrol for me.  I got my petrol can and we drove to the garage.  While they were putting the 5 litres in my can, I asked her if she was a Christian.  She said she was and belonged to The Barn Church.  She said she would take no money, saying that if her father was in a similar situation she hoped someone would do the same for him.

So we parted.  I put the petrol in my car, but still the car wouldn’t start.  I phoned a friend who offered to come out and fix the problem or tow me home.  After a while he arrived and we had a look to see if we could see the problem.  It didn’t take him long to find that a rubber pipe on the fuel line by the petrol pump had hardened with age and slipped off the pipe.  We pushed it back on and tightened its clamp.  This leak was situated directly above the alternator which charges the battery.  This normally sparks while working, so this was another miracle because it didn’t catch fire.  My friend and I drove to his house and he took a piece of rubber petrol pipe off his race car and replaced my hardened pipe.

Jesus / Holy Spirit was there, present with me from start to finish, thank you LORD. 

P.S.  PLEASE – When you are next at the garage, ask a mechanic to just check the rubber hose on the petrol line to ensure that it hasn’t hardened.  God bless.

(This is from a member of our congregation who wishes to remain anonymous – Shirley)