Month: May 2020

Is God in Control?

I often hear well-meaning Christians attempt to reassure themselves and others when a disaster strikes (e.g. the Covid-19 pandemic) by saying words such as, “Don’t worry, God is in control.” I believe that they are confusing the doctrine of the Sovereignty of God with their belief that God is, ultimately, in control of everything. I… Read more »

Letter from Sue #4: Marathon not a sprint!

13 May 2020 Hello Everyone Wow I am not sure if you have been feeling it this week, but the general feeling I keep getting is PRESSURE! The children are “back” at School in many cases, – they are expected to do all these wonderful things on Zoom, and other online platforms, finish projects, do… Read more »

Letter from Sue #3

28 April 2020 Hello Everyone As I write to you today we are at the start of Day 34 of our Lockdown! It is early in the morning – a lovely cold morning – the birds are very busy outside my window and I can see so many autumn leaves lying on the paying outside,… Read more »

Be still and know that I am God

“God doesn’t send or allow plagues to kill but to teach.” But how can we learn if we don’t sit still and listen?  God’s word to me at the beginning of this lockdown was “Be still and know that I am God”. Being still can be a frustration or a gift of blessing and peace…. Read more »