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My Testimony – by Shirley Long

On Monday 12 April, after being ill at home over the weekend, my daughter Shelley insisted she take me to her Doctor.  One look at me and he said that I had to be admitted to hospital. The admitting heart Doctor admitted me straight into ICU. I was there for 5 days having various scans,… Read more »

Hope – from Eric Myhill

In his book, God in Creation (1985), German theologian, Jurgen Moltmann, distinguishes between God’s initial creation and his creative activity in history. For a long time theological tradition limited God’s creative work to the original bringing into being of creation; his creative activity in history was seen as his preserving and accompanying work. He believes,… Read more »

Letter from Sue #5 – Stay Focused

20 June 2020 Hello Everyone It is hard to believe that this week we have been in lockdown in some form or another for 12 weeks. What an interesting, difficult and emotional experience this has all been – from trying to deal with one of the most draconian lockdowns in the world to watching all… Read more »

Bishop Steve’s Pastoral Letter regarding the incident at St. John’s School

Monday 31 August 2017 PASTORAL LETTER – ST. JOHN’S COLLEGE  Dear Saints The past three days have been some of the most painful in my experience as your Bishop in the Diocese of Johannesburg. Together with others, I have struggled with the challenges presented by the upheaval caused by racist comments made by a teacher… Read more »

Bishop Steve’s March letter

Dear Saints I hope that the New Year has gone well for you so far.  The little bit of rest between Christmas and Lent is almost over, and I am sure you are all well under way with plans for 2017, and I pray the Kingdom of Heaven continues to grow in your part of… Read more »

Bishop Steve’s Christmas Letter with his letter of Appreciation

Dear Saints We have reached the end of a long year, with a lot of disruption.  The politics of our own land, as well as that of the world as a whole are showing that people are tired of lies, empty promises and no change in their circumstances.  We live in challenging times. However, God… Read more »

Jordz Ministry Values – Our NexGen Pastor

I was thinking of doing something slightly different for this youth report, I have realized that many people have come to know Helen and me but how many actually know us? How many of you know my values of ministry and can you trust me? I know that sounds a little strange but do you… Read more »

Outreach to Swaziland – Jennie Hall – Missionary partner with World Outreach International – South Africa (WOI-SA)

I was recently involved in a World Outreach International exposure outreach to Swaziland, close to the Lomahala border post with Mozambique in a beautiful mountain village called Shewula. An exposure outreach is where we take people who have had little or no exposure to mission work into a mission area supported by a good learning… Read more »

Care Instructions for a Life Worth Living – by John Ortberg

Do I Really Believe, or Believe What I Am Supposed to Believe? There are the great beliefs, beliefs that people have devoted their lives to studying, beliefs that they have argued about and exulted in and sacrificed over and died for: I believe in God, the Father Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth, and… Read more »