Bishop Steve’s Christmas Letter with his letter of Appreciation

Dear Saints

We have reached the end of a long year, with a lot of disruption.  The politics of our own land, as well as that of the world as a whole are showing that people are tired of lies, empty promises and no change in their circumstances.  We live in challenging times.

However, God has been very good to us, and after a lot of hard, patient work, I can report back to you of some wonderful results.

  • Rabie Ridge is completed, and we have opened (and consecrated) the new church building.
  • All our Annual Financial Statements up to the end of 2015 are signed – up to date! –
  • Our tax issues have been resolved.
  • Diocesan structures are in place. Where changes have been necessary, these have been carried out, and I can report, the DFB and the Trustees are fully constituted and the members are working well with one another, and each is able to consult with the other.
  • I have a wonderful team of Archdeacons, and I think Chapter is working very close to the heart of God.
  • Now that we have replaced the Diocesan Secretary with the Diocesan Executive Officer, the office is beginning to be restructured, and I am sure we shall see great results in the future.
  • I think I am beginning to see that parishes are becoming more outward-looking, and are supporting and assisting other, less well resourced parishes.
  • I am so grateful to all the clergy who so faithfully carry out their duties with love and devotion to our Lord, and who have been so co-operative and supportive in all the troubles of this year – financial troubles particularly, but in all other areas as well. Thank you too, to the spouses whose role are not always recognised, but are vitally important in your partner’s ministry.
  • Thank you to all the Diocesan officials, whose professional help is valuable, and who are always ready to assist when needed.
  • We thank the Board members of all our schools and colleges, Heads and deputy Heads, administrative officers and all the teachers who give their all to enrich our children with the power of knowledge.

However, time brings changes, and I must first thank those who are now moving on to new areas of ministry.

  • Joel Dikgole has retired as Deputy Bursar. He has served for over 20 years, and reminded us on the DFB that God has a heart as well as a mind.  We wish him well, and we know that God has other work for him, and we look forward to seeing him in another area.
  • Greg and Bev Longbottom are retiring, as are Chris and Alison Viljoen. We wish you a happy, useful, busy retirement, and may you still find plenty of opportunities to serve our Lord. You are too good to sit still for too long!
  • Trevor Prince has asked to be relieved of his duties as Archdeacon. We respect this request, we thank him for his considerable contribution, and wish him and his wonderful wife, Gail more time to use their Godgiven gifts to serve him more.
  • We welcome Revd Mark Spyker and his family into our Diocese. Mark has been appointed as the new Rector of St. Martin’s in the Veld, Rosebank.

Join me in continuing to pray for our 2017 ordination candidates:


  • Judy Bassingthwaighte – Coronationville
  • Martha Gordon –   Bryanston
  • Rakgadi Khobo  – Linden/ Sunninghill
  • Tsepo Plessie –  Ferreirastown
  • Samuel Moloi  – Pimville



  • Diana Lawrenson –   Orchards
  • Sipho Theys   – Meadowlands – Pending Exam results
  • Kabelo Motlhakane –  St. John’s College
  • Jabulani Miya  – Sophiatown

In closing, to all the members of this Diocese, please receive my gratitude for all your love and support, for your prayers, and for your faithfulness, without which, we wouldn’t have a church.

Now please go and have a wonderful, glorious Merry Christmas and may our gracious God keep you and your loved ones during this festive season.