Outreach to Swaziland – Jennie Hall – Missionary partner with World Outreach International – South Africa (WOI-SA)

I was recently involved in a World Outreach International exposure outreach to Swaziland, close to the Lomahala border post with Mozambique in a beautiful mountain village called Shewula.

An exposure outreach is where we take people who have had little or no exposure to mission work into a mission area supported by a good learning environment, is safe and benefits the community as well as the group. This group that I went with was mainly young adults, led by a young adult, each one of them involved in ministry in one way or another, some with amazing testimonies of how they committed their lives to Christ!

WOI-SA is connected to a church in the area and has built up a relationship with the community over several years and have partnered with the community to start an A.C.E. school at the church. We sleep inside the church building when we minister there.

The outreach ministry is predominantly visiting and sharing at schools in the area, Pre-schools, Primary and the one and only high school there. We try to visit homesteads as well to pray for the community.

This time we were privileged to pray with some of the women in the community at the local Spaza type shop. We prayed for their families and asked for healing of various ailments – and Jesus healed! Also one of the ladies committed her life to Jesus for the very first time – praise God! She was directed to a local church to continue her discipleship – very importantly and follow up is under taken by one of our translators.

We moved off the mountain to start some ministry in the town of Simunye through a connection with a local Pastor. We were invited to their bible study group and I was privileged to lead the group on the subject of the importance of making disciples, something I am passionate about!

We stayed in a really beautiful game reserve and were blessed with lots of beautiful scenery, wildlife and amazing fellowship to top up the giving out.

We left early on Saturday morning and arrived at Oshoek border post around midday, with a long queue. Having experienced an hour wait in the queue on the SA side on the way up, we decided to put the waiting time to good use by getting out the guitar and singing worship songs, praying for people and evangelising – God blessed the time and various people joined in with the singing.

As always, going on outreach we return so much more blessed than the blessing we are able to give out in obedience to God’s will.



All children love their photo being taken, this group had just experienced a group skit on the angel appearing to the shepherds to tell them about Jesus’ birth.


Children from the Church


Children enjoying a jungle gym donated and then erected by the team



Five Star accommodation for the week


Playing “vrot eier” with the one pre-school


Watching the sun go down


Praise and worship at the game reserve



Testimony being shared at the Shewula High School